Our specialization lies in producing small to medium-sized mechanical and electromechanical parts, vital across various industries and sectors. Leveraging our experience, we adeptly fulfill our customers’ requirements.

To ensure product quality, we employ a range of specialized equipment. Rotary tables with presses enable precise and controlled machining, while resistance welders facilitate robust and reliable material joining.

Cold riveting machines for pins and rivets are instrumental in creating sturdy and durable joints, enabling safe and efficient component assembly. Additionally, ultrasonic welders for plastic objects are indispensable for crafting precise and high-quality welds, enhancing our capability to work with plastic materials.

By utilizing this specialized equipment, we deliver products of exceptional precision and durability. Recognizing the significance of mechanical and electromechanical parts in industrial applications, we remain committed to providing reliable, superior-quality solutions.


Our expertise extends to the assembly of electronic boards, tailored to meet our customers’ specific requirements. Upon request, we incorporate both Surface Mount Device (SMD) and Through-Hole (PTH) components, ensuring alignment with project specifications. Compliance with ROHS regulations is our foremost priority, underscoring our commitment to environmental standards and sustainable practices.

Employing materials and components that adhere to ROHS directives, limiting hazardous substance usage, underscores our dedication to environmental responsibility. We acknowledge the importance of SMD and PTH components in electronic board production, striving to deliver a service characterized by the highest quality and reliability.

Our capacity to accommodate electronic boards with specific details enables us to offer customized solutions across diverse applications. We stand ready to collaborate closely with our customers, comprehensively understanding their needs to deliver technologically advanced solutions in compliance with ROHS regulations.


Our services encompass pad printing on small objects, with a focus on plastic materials such as ABS and nylon. Specializing in product customization, we imprint logos and requested colors onto products to meet customer preferences.

Pad printing facilitates precise and sharp transfer of desired designs onto object surfaces. We meticulously ensure faithful reproduction of customer-chosen logos and colors, resulting in aesthetically pleasing and professional outcomes.

Utilizing high-quality materials and specialized inks, we guarantee durable printing that retains vibrancy over time. Our objective is to furnish customized products that fulfill our customers’ unique requirements, rendering their items distinctive and personalized.

Collaborating closely with customers, we provide guidance on optimal logo and color choices, leveraging our expertise to achieve optimal results. Years of industry experience have honed our skills and equipped us with best practices for pad printing on plastic materials.