Relays, also known as contactors, are electromechanical devices utilized for controlling the flow of current across various sectors. They respond to an electromagnetic signal by either opening or closing electrical circuits. Widely employed in industrial automation and motor control, these devices are recognized for their reliability and robustness, capable of withstanding challenging environmental conditions. Relays are versatile, capable of managing both light and heavy loads, ensuring safety and efficiency in electrical systems.

We offer relays in the following configurations:

  • 12-24 volts (48 volts available upon request)
  • Mini
  • Micro
  • Power
  • High Power
  • For printed circuit boards
  • With fuse
  • Diode containers

Electronic device

Electronic devices have revolutionized our daily lives, providing us with compact, powerful, and efficient tools. Smartphones keep us connected to the world, computers enable work and leisure activities, while wearable technology monitors our health. Smart home devices enhance comfort and promote eco-friendliness. In the realm of entertainment, smart TVs and streaming platforms offer immersive experiences. Moreover, electronic devices play a significant role in medicine, scientific research, and industry. In essence, these devices reshape how we live, work, and engage with the world, becoming indispensable companions in our daily routines.

We offer the following electronic devices:

  • Timers
  • Flashers
  • Electronic control units for specific applications”